Since I saw how much you guys loved the red smoothie , I am going to be sharing with you something as effective and delicious as it is that is FOR FREE.

Coming from our trainer Kami Prince who has introduced the 15 DAYS IDEAL SHAPE CHALLENGE (you can find the free challenge here:

<a href=””>IdealShape for Life Challenge</a> and sign up today to get the 15 DAY IDEAL SHAPE CHALLENGE), today we have a rich recipe smoothie book.

For getting in good shape and staying healthy, training is a must. But it never goes without eating clean. But what happens when you get hungry? What happens when you feel the need of energy? The worst thing that can happen is to eat something unhealthy. It compromises all the effort you have put in training.

To prevent this from happening , Kami Prince, a trainer, yoga instructor and nutritionist has created the Smoothie Book for you. In the smoothie book you can find:

  • Hunger blocking smoothies
  • Low calorie treats
  • Easy on-the-go recipes

With getting the eBook, you are getting the secret ingredient that all the faithful customers of Ideal Shape are loving!

The best thing is that it is very simple to get your eBook only by signing up on this link:  <a href=””>IdealShape Smoothie Book</a>

By clicking on the link you are getting the eBook for the most delicious smoothies absolutely and you have the chance to meet the most inspiring people, who are more than happy to help us with everything we need.


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